My first week of drawing

The week before sittings began, I took my custom made, giant easel and  drawing board to the training room at Norwich central Library, at the Forum.

After a frantic beginning, wondering if I would remember how to put the thing together, and with the fantastic support of two inspirational young women; Alix Lingford and Lennie Gotterson, everything was in place for the arrival of eighty-five year old veteran Fencer, Connie Adams. Famed for her fencing of course,  being on Russel Howard’s Good News, and for carrying the Olympic torch in 2012.

I had never met Connie, and wasnt sure if she would have that sparkle, or that we would hit it off. I was not disappointed! What a great start, and a privilege to be in the company of such a straight forward, delightful,  inspirational lady. Connie sat for me holding her fencing helmet and glove, with her electric blue eyes, she sat composed and I listened to stories, about her fencing, dancing, life, family, and adventures. ” What shall we talk about next week?” she said as she was leaving.” oh go and have another adventure and tell me about it on Monday” I replied. Connie will come for her second sitting this Monday.


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