my second sitter, first week, first filming

Thursday was a nerve-racking day for an artist who hates to be watched, this was a real test for me. BBC voices, Gary Standley, Wendy Witham and a young volunteer film maker, came early before the sitting to set up three cameras and microphones, to record my second sitter Penny Larson.  Penny is sixty seven, with the spirit of a happy teenager. This sitting, was a challenging one, very different from the first, with a very expressive talker, cameras, lighting and enough stories to fill a diary.

My aim with  the I’M NOT DEAD YET is to bring the sitter’s experience of sitting and talking about their lives, and the process of me listening and engaging with them during the drawing process, into the final drawing and story of the project. What I am trying to say is, there much more to it than just achieving the likeness in a static portrait…I have set myself quite a challenge!


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