my second week of drawing

Today, Monday 17th June was my second sitting with the lovely Connie Adams.  Who would have thought an artist from North london with European Parents would make such a connection with a simple , shy Norfolk girl born and bred. Connie touches everyone she talks to with her charm and honesty, I was so glad the cameras were with us today to capture her on film. Not that she is a stranger to publicity and the media these days. Lovely to have Gary and Wendy and the impressively  keen BBC Voices volunteer, Olivia who is about to do more volunteering  for Blue Peter. We recon she will go far. I asked Connie if she was okay during the sitting today ” yeah I’m happy ‘cos I am doing this for nothing”.

I will write a potted history of each sitters life with the aid of sound track from these sittings, and you will be able to find out a little more about them in the final exhibition in October.

Image: setting up cameras with BBC Voices, Wendy (left) Connie (center) Gary (right)



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