Drawing Joyce Hopwood, a real catch!

Joyce Hopwood runs the Norwich Older Peoples Forum. Joyce contacted me when she got wind of the project and told me she would like to help in some way, by finding me sitters etc. When we met, I said,” well I must say, I would really like to draw YOU”. She looked surprised; ummm’d and arrr’d and said she felt that was not good, because she was meant to be helping me. I managed to persuade her and her husband (who will come in September). So today was a real thrill for me; there is certainly something special about this lady and I feel privileged to have her sitting for me.

Joyce watched me keenly; probably thinking to herself, What am I doing here?…It was a long, yet enjoyable session.

Today, has been the most successful for me, drawing wise, and I will continue with the same drawing in the second sitting next week.

The young volunteer film maker Emma Louise, from BBC Voices came to set up the cameras today and will hopefully be sitting in to chat to my next sitter on Monday, 1st July. Its been a busy time for the volunteers at BBC Voices, but next week will see the start of a more regular dialogue with the young film makers and sitters during the drawing sessions.



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