Week four starts with a bit of a talker

My previous sitter Penny told me about a relative of her’s called Norman ” He’s a bit of a talker” she said..”great!” I replied. I had never met Norman, so was not sure what to expect, and couldn’t remember his age. I went to meet him in the main entrance of The Forum..but missed him, and after a bit of confusion,  the BBC guys told me he was already upstairs. He shook my hand and said he had been waiting behind the Gorilla for twenty minutes.

Norman is tall, about 6ft, wearing a sparkly T-shirt from Bali 75 years old I reckoned…no 90 years old..amazing! And yes, a wonderful story-teller sharp as a sharp thing that’s just been sharpened. I could imagine him as a young energetic lad before the war, inquisitive and full of energy. He mentioned how he liked the social life of meeting friends in the pub in his earlier days and bemoaned the fact that pubs are not like that any more..well I couldn’t resist that one, “in payment for your time sitting for me, I will take you to The Fat Cat after your next sitting,…that IS a pub how they used to be” (dreaming of my favorite pint), and the beer will be a treat for him to enjoy. I look forward to listening to the recordings and re-visiting his stories. Another inspirational character, and a good afternoon’s drawing.




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