Joyce Hopwood, 2nd sitting

Joyce brings a smile to my face, and warmth too my heart. I started the session with a couple of small sketches and then continued work on the large drawing from last week. Its an interesting process; in order for me to do the drawing that I want to do I have to take my time and step back and look, think, consider and pace myself.  But I am thinking under pressure “I only have this person for x amount of time (which is not enough) and I want to create a likeness that is not a stuffy conservative, tight drawing, but is free, energetic and captures that person. I SO have Joyce in my vision and my minds eye as well as my respect and affection for I think the portrait shows that …no…not today I dont..time and thought is needed, the eyes are still not quite there, mmmm..or is it the chin…….the mouth…

Thank you Joyce, its been a real privalidge. I will draw Mr Hopwood, soon…I am not sure that Joyce will show him the drawing of her until he has done his sitting, “interesting” Joyce and I both say, what will he make of it all.


detail, Joyce


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