my fifth week, another Joyce

After a morning re-working a drawing of Joyce Hopwood and starting a new one,(still warm from the twinkle in Joyce’s eyes), I biked up to the Forum. With a giant roll of paper sticking out of my pannier, I was ready for my first sitting with the Norfolk author and lover of art and artists, Joyce Dunbar. I felt a little worried, in the knowledge that Joyce had been painted before; I didn’t want to let her down. But there was no need for concern, ” I wont look until you are finished and ready to show me” she said ” I have learned the hard way from my daughter, not to look at her work until it is finished because it can completely throw her” I was really  glad that Joyce understood about us sensitive arty types! Joyce is writing a book with her daughter Poppy, who is illustrating it.

Today was an interesting one, because Joyce is deaf, so I couldn’t jump into the usual conversation while making small sketches, recording movement, and gesture.  Joyce at first suggested it would be easier not to talk, because she would be unable to lip read while I was drawing. After a couple of sketches in silence, Joyce said ” I feel a bit wooden, just sitting” . As the session progressed, we both relaxed and Joyce began to talk, it all worked pretty well. She has had an interesting life. and having met her previously, I feel she is a new friend and like her very much..I cant wait to share some more stories over a pint!

Joyce, sitting  reminded me of models from the Picasso, Mattisse era, there is something about her. I struggled some what today…nerves I guess, but that’s part of the course..and its all going in to my visual memory bank.



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