Patricia’s first sitting, with two BBC Voices volunteers

many people in Norwich will be familiar with Patricia. She is the face of the Futon Shop on St Giles. She cut a very striking figure; looking as if she has walked out of the Mary Quant era. Patricia is  an incredibly youthful 68, petite, feisty, fit, up front and my opinion fabulous in every way. Today we were also extremely lucky to have a double act of Katies. Katie one, who is from Hellsdon High and Katie two, who is from Thetford Academy. They have just finished their GCSE’s. Both Katies are interested in the media in some way and came to interview my sitter and share stories with ‘an older person’. When Patricia first sat down she said, ” my boss would like me to tell you about my theory of tying children to lamp posts”..well, we all roared with laughter, and got the story, the gist of which is for parents not to drag their poor children screaming into the shops (which they hate) but leave them outside tied to a lamp post.

Patricia, Katie and Katie, another inspiring day, and a privilege to be in your company..the drawing’s not too bad either!





3 thoughts on “Patricia’s first sitting, with two BBC Voices volunteers

  1. Fantastic… you think she has captured a hidden “you”?….you look really, really grumpy…and you are very definitely not

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