The 6th week, Joyce Dunbar’s second sitting

Today was full of delight and sorrow.

A delight having Joyce again, and having the two Katies back. We had a wonderful hour with the girls and Joyce exchanging stories, while I made small sketches. Joyce was so taken by these fresh faced, enthusiastic 16 year olds, that she asked them lots of questions (even though the plan had been for them to interview her!). The result of this was a fascinating and natural dialogue between the two generations. Joyce discovered that they had never heard of ‘Teddy Boys’, and they told her about ‘facebook’, ‘tweeting’ and cyber-bullying. She remarked on the fact that we were all educating eachother.

The sorrow came in both hearing about her late mother with Alzheimers who had been treated very poorly in a home, and in this being my last sitting with Joyce.

My feeling, is that I am not sure if the drawing can be left as it is, I will have to think on that for a few days. Whatever happens, I will see Joyce again as a friend, and may very well invite her to my studio to sit for me again in the future.




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