Lady in pink

Today was Helen’s second sitting, and after her shock and horror at seeing the drawing after the first sitting, we had a laugh about it. I talked about how she really wasn’t that big and because I am looking down at her it has a distorting effect. Helen, berated herself for her “foolish vanity”..(which I didn’t agree with) and at the end of the sitting we both agreed it was a good likeness and it was much better. Hooray!

The session was good and relaxed, Helen had come from meeting up with friends and was a little tired. I said I didn’t mind if she had a snooze. Thinking it’s no point in the sitter struggling to stay awake, especially in the heat and early afternoon. So I focused on re-drawing her below the neck. I was very tempted to draw her sleeping head on top of the first head, so you would see sleeping and awake in one drawing which I think would give a sense of movement and life but if I mucked it up, I would have lost the entire drawing and I only had Helen for two hours, so I bottled out of that one….this time.

Helen really does have an infectious smile, and I found myself smiling for most of the session.



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