Drawing Wally..lady’s legs, and the aftermath of Wally’s second sitting

There is something about drawing Wally. Call it his jolly disposition and child like energy, call it his Norfolk celebrity…I know he is only human, and he is a nice guy…but, what with the pressure, the distractions, the animated talking..I found the second sitting as much of a struggle as the first.

Wally fitted his querky image well with his shorts and “lady’s legs” as he called them. In fact I thought he would be great in high heels. We had a really enjoyable chat with the two Katies for the first hour, when I worked on one of the early drawings of him. By the end of this second sitting, once again I was disappointed with the result. So today, I thrashed it out in my studio (after surrendering my morning to a migraine)..its been a long day but I may at last have a small spark of Wally and his “lady’s legs”..in my drawing.


Early drawing from the first sitting, Wally didn’t like it, “it looks like I’m grimacing”.


studio drawing from today


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