Drawing Rosamund……still looking like a young girl

Last Thursday, was Rosamund’s first sitting; I met her in the playground when my children were at school, her granddaughter was in the same class as my youngest son. What I always remember about her apart from her bubbly nature, is that she was bringing up her granddaughter, on her own, while her own daughter battled with a drugs habit, (her daughter is now drug free after a hard battle). There is something about Rosamund, that defies age; her fine features, and sparkly eyes, are a challenge to capture. While drawing her I felt I could see her clearly as a young child sitting on a chair in the classroom, full of interest and enthusiasm. Rosamund doesn’t like people to know her age because she feels people are ageist and will judge her.

The drawing was a struggle and needs a lot more work….I don’t feel I have caught her yet. She will come again this coming Thursday.




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