Week 10 starts, with Frank’s second sitting

It was a relief to continue my drawing of Frank this afternoon,  having had a torturous struggle with my drawing of Rosumund who finished her second sitting last Thursday; she is a special and charismatic lady, but I am struggling to do a drawing I am happy with…such is life!

So, Frank was punctual, and with military precision, wore exactly the same clothes, down to the creases in his trousers, and every whisker seemed to be in place. He seemed to slot straight in where we left off. Frank is not a man of many words, and was happy to get the job done, but it was good to share memories of ‘Lawrence Corner’ the army surplus shop at Warren Street in London and compare army fashion experiences. His was buying a Boater for a special trip to Henley courtesy of government shipping connections, and mine of my favorite  white, canvas and leather soled naval officers shoes..amoungst other art student attire.

I was relieved to finish on a good note so I could get home and carry on the fight with my Rosamund drawing; sorry Rosamund!



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