Norman….I made an old man happy today.

Today was Norman’s second sitting, and I was very grateful that he made it. Norman has been suffering with bad pains in his joints for the last week. He thinks he has had a reaction to eating too many of his home-grown tomatoes. He said it had been so bad, he thought his number was up, which would have been a great shame because as he said ” I don’t want to go yet, I want to grow really old”. I did try to persuade him not to come, but he is a very determined man.

After an entertaining afternoons drawing, full off rich stories and recollections from his past, Norman said he was so happy he had come, it had cheered him up. After the session, I dropped him off at the bus station, and as he manoeuvred himself out of my car taking care not to add to his toll of fifteen hip dislocations, his said ” you have made an old man very happy”. That for me was a huge compliment and part of what doing this project is all about, so job well done today, and Norman also gets a bonus point for improved effort in sitting a little more still than last time.  Thank you Norman!




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