Week 11, Keiths first sitting

Keith is a familiar face from the past, and I am sure to many parents from 10 years back or so, as the caretaker at  Avenues and Recreation Road Schools. Recently I found him again in a shed, at the Bluebell allotments. When I asked him if he would be interested in sitting for me, he said, “well I have spent most of my life trying to do nothing”. I was sure he was talking himself down; I knew I could see a spark! I was right of course. After a few formalities with the BBC cameras and being wired up for sound etc, Keith talked very candidly about the devastating loss of his daughter when she died suddenly at the young age of twenty-five. A terribly sad story for him and his family. He later said, “I enjoy life… I like people …..I have a wonderful marriage, well from my point of view I do”, and by the end of the sitting I felt happy, with a fairly jolly afternoon’s conversation and a good start on his drawing too., (apart from a few inaccuracies that need sorting!). I look forward to seeing him again on Thursday.


below, no Keith is not shocked by the sight of himself..he’s just thinking..




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