listening to wonderful stories

Since Saturday I have been catching up on the most time-consuming  element of this project. My English grammar is poor and I am dislexic. I failed my english language at school, and both my parents being european immigrants from the 2nd world war, learnt english when they came over in the late 50’s. So, that’s my excuse as to why writing, does not come easy for me. However, I am now in the middle of my third day catching up with writing the text about my sitters. It has been really wonderful to take the time to listen to some of the stories recorded at the sittings, I am only sorry that many of them wont be heard by the general public.  Wonderful stories from Norman about his life in the Welsh valley’s, Patricia’s  struggles as a new mother trying to cope with a new baby in the Outback far away from home. The story of Joyce H’s harrowing experiences when she and her husband were in a serious car crash in Deli, and Rosamund’s fond memories of working at the BBC in White City. Sadly, the text can only touch on these stories. I feel very grateful to my sitters for giving me their time, and sharing their stories with me; although the writing bit is driving me a little crazy..thank goodness for spell check!


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