Men rule this week..starting with David.H

This week, I will catch up on the numbers of men represented in the project so far, which will show a better balance of the sexes. David.H is married to Joyce.H, who came in my third week as a little bit of a reluctant sitter, but a great supporter of all issues relating to the elderly in our community. Joyce had warned me that David was a little unsure too, but if she was going to do it, then so was he!  David is a geneticist, molecular biologist..a scientist basically, so very clever..and certainly, not a mad scientist but actually very easy to talk to and understand, and in very good nick for 80. There was something quite magical about the vocabulary/language from his world. I really enjoyed the sitting and he said he did too. It was a wonderful experience for me to meet an expert in a subject I know nothing about, and gain a small insight into that world. I look forward to David coming next week.




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