John….and thoughts of Jacqueline

John is a well-known figure in Norwich, known for his furniture and for his white beard and hat. It had previously been suggested to me that he would be a good person to draw, and coincidentally a few months ago he was pointed out to me in the Fat Cat pub, a few yards from where I was standing, so I went up and told him about the project and invited him to sit for me. Un-beknown to me he had just come from the second wake for his wife Jacqueline who died unexpectedly four months ago. When he told me that today, I felt moved by his story and his  deep sorrow for the loss of his very much adored wife. This being  an extremely difficult time for John, in not only coping with his loss but fighting to keep his business going without his right hand man (his wife); the sitting went really well and the conversation flowed. I feel  immensely privileged, that John still came for the sitting,  and I will certainly remember this day. Thank you John.



the morning sitting,


the end of the day..home time!


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