A handsome and proud man with stories from Ethiopia

A few people had mentioned Eshetu as a good, and interesting man to draw, and with some powerful stories to tell. I found him at the same allotments as Keith, who knows Eshetu, and says he is a lovely man. Eshetu is quietly spoken, there is definitely something special about him. He, has an MSc degree from Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia, and a PhD from the University of East Anglia. Whilst studying in the UK, his wife and five children were stranded in a dangerous war troubled Ethiopia. Eshetu, was strongly advised not to leave, and to continue with his studies. They were separated  for 18 years. His wife and one son are now here.

Drawing Eshetu was a real challenge (because I am doing line drawings), I really wanted to show the tone and contrast of his skin, so looking at the drawing at the end of the day, I felt troubled and dissatisfied. However, within the last half an hour I have worked out the possible solution…so I look forward to next thursday, to try it out. Thank you Eshetu for your time,  I know you still have a lot you want to achieve in your life, and sitting in a chair for 5 hours, is enough to make even a lazy person twitchy.




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