Fifteen weeks drawing; my last sitter with red hair and shoes to match

Meet Matty, she is 69, my very last sitter, and someone I normaly see in a swimming costume. Matty used to be the Belgium Olympic Synchronized swimming coach “many many years ago!’  she laughed. I met Matty when I was swimming with another world-class Masters swimmer called Seymour Banning who was 72 when I met him and had a beautiful butterfly stroke. Matty has a huge collection of gold medals, and really doesn’t like it even now, if she only gets silver, “I hate that colour!” When Matty is not traveling round the world competing or partying with her buddies in Belgium, we train together at the Sportspark. It is lovely for me to finish this series of portraits with someone I know, and have wanted to draw properly for a while. I found out things about her today I never knew; normally we are talking about how many lengths we have swum, how many we have yet to do, and what injuries or aliments we have, which are impacting on our usual faultless performance.





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