The last sitting

The last sitting, began at 2pm with Matty. We were happy and relaxed..I new I didn’t have too much to do because the drawing had started well. We finished early, and I sent Matty to wait in the library while a sprayed half a can of fixative on the drawing. I then packed up and, we went to the Fat Cat for a celebratory drink. Tomorrow morning I will take the second batch of drawings to be photographed. It will be a very early start because I will be adding a special touch to the Maddy drawing which involves a bright orange pastel, and I am too tired to risk using it in my studio tonight! I am also rather concerned about my very first drawing and would like to re-draw Connie’s arms..a little risky without her there, but I am not happy with that one (it was the first sitting of the project).

As I walked up to The Forum today, I overheard an elderly woman say to her daughter reading the large poster promoting the I’M NOT DEAD YET exhibition… “hmmm more like one foot in the grave!”….well that made me laugh!





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