Preparing for the exhibition launch

After the excitement, and sadness of completing the most crucial part of the project and my feelings of reluctance to stop these drawings…(for the time being anyhow!), the focus for the last 10 days has been intense. Last week was busy, the 10 remaining drawings went to the photographers studio to be photographed. There was a long day spent with Ben Cracknell, designing the layout, with Jayne Evans at The Forum, editing my text and having to cope with my total lack of english grammar……” blumming creatives!”. We were under pressure to complete the printer’s art work for the catalogue for the next day’s deadline, and also the art work for post cards of each drawing too. I am really delighted that Hussey Knights agreed to sponsor me in printing the cards, what a lovely bunch!

The drawings will be mounted in the Forum on Thursday afternoon to prepare for the exhibition. This will involve putting the drawings onto foam board, attaching the individually selected quotes  of each sitter onto the drawing, and then clipping on top the special cut sheets of acrylic for protection. I cant wait to see how they look, I hope it works! Each sitter will receive an A2 print of their portrait, printed on art paper, they will also receive a set of 18 post cards.


preparing the quotes for the drawings


A2 prints wrapped in cellophane ready to go.

As you may have noticed in the above picture, there is a rogue colour picture, that is of Maggie who sat for me many many times in 2009, sadly her drawing(s) will not be in this exhibition even though I have done more of her than anyone else.


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