One week until the launch and no time to be ill…cough cough!

Today was the day the first images went up in venues around the city. Jayne Evans and I had previously ( last thursday) mounted some of the drawings, fighting with clips, velcro, and spray glue, to mount the drawings onto foam board, with perspex glazing and then onto specially made easels.

I took the first drawing ‘Patricia’, to the Futon Shop this morning, and the second ‘Joyce Dunbar’ to The Book Hive. When I got home this evening, I recieved a wonderful email from Joyce which read;

‘Yaaaaagh! I walked into the city today and saw the lovely portrait of the lady in the futon centre.  And her great quote. And then I went to the book hive and saw the shocking picture of Joyce D who pretends to be me.

Seriously Malca, I think this is a great idea and wonderfully executed. It is a bit weird to be suddenly confronted with an image of yourself – but the pictures are so bold and dramatic.

 I think it is a shared learning curve, how you see yourself and how others see you. How do you feel about it? Very apprehensive I expect but the boldness of the enterprise deserves an acknowledgement.’
A lovely response indeed!
Jayne , Tom and James from the Forum were out and about delivering pictures to the Assembly Rooms, Theatre Royal, Norfolk & Norwich Hospital , The Cathedral and St Andrews Hall. I manged to rope in the help of two of my off spring..Martha and Jacob to get a couple more mounted this afternoon, the rest will be finished this week…its wonderful and exciting, and a little nerve racking for me to see the drawings go up and see the project reaching its climax!
mounting the first ones, with Jayne last Thursday
‘Keith’ at The Assembly Rooms
‘Helen’ at Theatre Royal
‘John’ at The Assembly Rooms
‘Rosamund’ at the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital

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