It’s all over now but it’s not dead yet!

So, today is Monday, the week after the Friday when all the pictures were dismantled, what a tough long day that was! I am now writing my ‘evaluation report’ for the Art’s Council and as I have said, this project has exceeded my expectations, and looks to go on to greater things, like a touring exhibition in Norfolk, and hopefully a new nationwide adventure, so watch this space! I would like to thank ALL the amazing sitters, I will never be the same after all those special sessions….Norman, we will try to have a reunion, and I havent forgotten that I owe you a pint!

My enormous thanks goes to, Jayne, Tom, Richard, at the Forum and all in building services, what a fantastic team! Gary and BBC voices, the films were fabulous darlings! What a privilege to work with you. The BBC Voices volunteers, power to you in the future, keep at it! All the library staff, especially those who made me and my sitters tea and coffee and let us in and out of the beeping…forever annoying beeping door! And lastly all those who have supported this, be it sponsors, public, friends etc.

What a joy for me to stand at the back in Fusion and watch people’s reaction the film and hear their laughter…WONDERFUl.

And what pleasure to walk into the city and see Patricia standing at the counter in the Futon shop with her large drawing in the window, ‘FABULOUS DARLING’ she would say!

Here are the links, to the bits of I’M NOT DEAD YET films, courtesy of BBC VOICES and THE FORUM, enjoy.



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