Its April 2014..DRAWING begins again!

Today, is a happy day for me, since drawing stopped in October, I have been faffing about with this and that, knowing that deep within the corners of my mind, I was still yearning to keep drawing older people. As I said to people last year “I’m like a dirty old man looking at young girls in reverse..A young…ish ( I confess, I am over 50!) woman seeking out any older people… to talk to and draw though!  I put out a call for new sitters, two weeks ago and have had a pretty impressive response already. My first sitter started today, his name is Bill. I felt rather nervous to start with but the future looks bright. Bill is a great story-teller, he is a passionate about theatre, and literature and does a fine North Country accent, he is a Norfolk man. He will come to studio again next week.


….forgot to take his photo before he got up!


One thought on “Its April 2014..DRAWING begins again!

  1. Great Malca

    Are you still up for being around for Dying Matters week? Either in Norwich or in Ipswich on 14th May – we are getting some of your drawings to both the Forum and to the Univ College Suffolk events. I’m sure you will get plenty of older people at either event to rope them into being drawn. How do you select? Instinct?

    How is the job hunting going? Sue

    Sue Spooner / 3 Christchurch Court / Norwich / NR2 2AG / Telephone 01603 507521 / Mobile 07887 984343

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