Mike. S and David.P

Well, its been a busy couple of weeks, since my first sitter of 2014. On Friday 11th April, Mike came for his first sitting. I was given his details by my local butcher (they went to school together) who put my ‘call for sitters’ note in his shop. I went to meet Mike at his house to see if he would be suitable to draw. He nervously asked me, with a giggle what he should wear for the sitting, I said ” anything you fancy, come in what you feel happy in, or something that is important to you”. His nervousness made me think he was going to declare he wanted to come in a dress..which of course I would have no problem with at all. “Can I come in my Royal Air Force Balzer and badges?”, he then asked. I was delighted by that too of course!

Mike had a very short sitting; just a couple of hours..he will return on foot (not airborne) and in his blazer.


David came on Friday 25th April, he was also a contact from the local butcher. He is a chartered accountant, an after dinner speaker and has a passionate interest in dialect. David is full of stories and tells them in many accents. He sat wonderfully still for me in spite of talking pretty much none stop for three hours without a break or a drink of water…thats pretty impressive. David told me that his wife have had nothing but one health problem after another since they hit 70 and spend a lot of time going to and from the hospital. He remains very upbeat!




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