The TOUR begins!

Monday 28th April was the first of four days in succession of The Norfolk Pension Retirement Funds annual Forum for retired members. The first two days in Norwich, the third in Kings Lynn and the fourth at Hopton-on-Sea. Each event was attended by approximately 200 people and was run by a wonderful team from Norfolk County Council. The newly reproduced drawings from I’m Not Dead Yet, were displayed at each venue, and as a part of the days events, I made a short introduction to the BBC film which was then shown to the audience and followed by a questions and answer session.

I was truly delighted and overwhelmed by the positive feedback by so many, to the drawings and the laughter and smiles as we all watched the film …’that was the highlight of my day!’ one lady said to me.

I also seem to have recruited many new sitters and I now have a rather long waiting list. The great thing is I can keep drawing all those wonderful characters and keep those stories coming, the bad thing is I now must try to find myself funding to keep this going!

pssst there is also a distant but very real plan to make a new film, this time in my studio for.


Holiday Inn, Norwich


Kings Lynn PDC


Kings Lynn PDC



There will be more photographs from these events to come.

Finally, I am really pleased with how the start of the tour has been received and I feel even more fired up to bring the experience to a wider audience!


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