Wally. J.(this sitter comes recommended)

Wally. J. came and sat for me a couple of weeks ago, he cuts a dashing figure at 79 and  has a strong presence. Wally’s details were given to me by Maddy Pikarsky., who writes a blog called drawinganddontaskwhy.blogspot.com. Maddy contacted me about the project and to share memories of Cecilia who was one of my first ever sitters and who died earlier this year.

Wally has an impressive list of achievements including, being the consultant who set up the Oncology unit at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, he has also been drawing all his life. Today was his second sitting and when I asked him how he was, he said ‘pissed off!’ His knee operation had been moved back for the second time..very frustrating! He has already had a double hip replacement.

Wally talked about not trying hard enough in his life, but always somehow doing really well, (which is a great source of guilt for him). He talked about ruby and his very sporty brother, about the differences between men and women quoting from parts of the book ‘Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars’. About being in an air raid and his dad being and air raid warden. Wally will come for a third sitting; I would like to take the drawing further, and possibly do another.


Wally chose to wear his stethoscope for the drawing. He also said..’have you got my nose? It really dominates my face, I broke it playing rugby.





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