Mikes, second sitting..short but sweet

Mike appeared at my studio very efficiently on time as do all my sitters. He has such a jolly disposition and when I look at him I see a keen tall young boy at school in his uniform, excited about life and finding pleasure in the things that really matter to him. Being Chairman of The Norwich Royal Airforce Association, being a husband, father, grandfather, and watching cricket and rugby. Mike is only able to do short sittings so I was pleased today to be able to progress a little further and bring the drawing  little more to life. ..unfortunately his legs are off the page..he is pretty tall, and in a way the drawing shows that (he is too tall to fit on), however I would like to do a drawing fitting his legs  and feet in because the way Mike sits and positions his feet, is so much a part of the way a tall man sits in a small chair.

100_3373 Mike has booked in for a third sitting…yipee!



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