Hear from sitters and supporters

The I’m Not Dead Yet project has received much support from Age UK Norfolk and Age UK Norwich. The Chief Executive of Age UK Norfolk, Hilary MacDonald, says,

“Age UK Norfolk is very excited to be involved in such an innovative event celebrating the contributionthat older people make to our communities.

“The exhibition’s title I’m Not Dead Yet challenges the invisibility and negative stereotypes that people in later life can sometimes encounter.

“We encourage people of all ages to visit and participate. “

One of th100_2205e sitters, whose portrait was at The Forum in October, is Joyce Hopwood.

Joyce is the Chair of both the Norwich Older People’s Forum and Norfolk Older People’s Strategic Partnership Board.

Joyce says,

“I’m Not Dead Yet is such an original and positive idea for an exhibition and so timely as October is Older People’s month. We must welcome it wholeheartedly.

“As a reluctant sitter, the experience was rewarding for me, and it would be wonderful if at least part of its effect is to enable younger people to start to see us oldies as real people with individual histories and interesting backgrounds to our lives.

“So many100_2162 of us have a wide range of knowledge which we are very ready to share.”

Wally Webb, veteran broadcaster and familiar voice on BBC Radio Norfolk, has also had his portrait drawn by Malca for the exhibition.

Wally is most definitely not dead yet. He says,

“From the moment I wake up I’m thinking “what will I achieve today?”

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