The life stories behind the portraits

Malca Schotten doesn’t just ‘knock out’ a portrait; she spends hours with her sitters, chatting to them, finding out about them and doing her best to do their lives and personalities justice.

Malca says, ” I started this series of portraits because I feel there is a loss of knowledge and understanding about our elders. Their history is being forgotten.

“They are the last surviving generation from the Second World War and they have many stories to tell us and things to teach us.

“I sense a loss of hope and pride in our young adults for themselves and for their future.

“Through these drawings and these stories, I hope to show the younger generation that difficult times can be overcome and can be part of a happy, fulfilled life.”

On the following pages you can read what the sitters had to say about themselves, about life, work, love, tragedy and achievement.

You can also download the brochure from the 2013 exhibition.

INDY Catalogue 2013


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