John for blogIt was a 24 hour marriage… she was wonderful at home, terrific in bed and terrific at work. She was an organiser without compare. She was naturally dishy… she didn’t have airs and graces… although if she gave you a black look, people tended to curl up and walk away. I miss her hugely.

John on his wife Jacqueline 2013

Age 69, born in Wellingborough in 1944. John has five sisters, two of whom were really cousins but joined his family when they were three years old.

His mother was a teacher and artist and his father was Norwich City Council Treasurer and gardener.

John went to City of Norwich School. He then studied electrical engineering and mechanical engineering at City College.

Shortly after that John set up his own business as a designer and furniture maker, using the skills he had learnt from High School.

”Even now I use the things I learnt there every day, probably every hour of every day”.

John is passionate about design and making, yet struggles with the constraints of trying to survive financially, having to make things that people want rather than following his own design ideas.

Until a few months ago John ran his business together with his wife, Jacqueline.

She died unexpectedly in April 2013.

John and Jacqueline were married for 42 years and they have three children.


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