Joyce H

Joyce H for blogMy children keep from their children the fact that I was naughty because they don’t want to encourage them… every now and then I let something out when their parents aren’t around.

Joyce 2013


Age 80, born 1933, Joyce grew up in Brighton and Hove and she hated school, finding it boring.

She reacted naughtily and then quite often had to stay behind and write lines. In the summer she would frequently disappear round the corner to the local county cricket ground.

“I hated school and I loved cricket. It was a no brainer.”

Joyce is married with three children and six grandchildren.

Joyce has a real twinkle in her eye and she may be small but has claim to a huge list of achievements including, a BSc in Zoology and a PhD in Quantitative Genetics.

She has been a research scientist, working on the inheritance of lung cancer, a magistrate, a CAB worker, a campaigner, a trustee of several charities and is still on many committees. She is Chairman of the Norwich Older People’s Forum and of the Norfolk Older People’s Strategic Partnership.

“Nowadays I am working on behalf of older people in order to find a voice for them and to enable the different generations of older people – they range from 50 to 100 plus – to play their full role in society whatever that might be, and for the frail and vulnerable to receive the care they need in the form of their choice.”


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