Penny for blogI always rather fancied being buried at sea… I would perhaps like to become a hazard to shipping, so put me in a boat, push me out to sea, and I will float about off Yarmouth and become a hazard.

Penny 2013

Age 68, born in 1945, Penny’s parents were hoteliers. They owned the St George Hotel in Great Yarmouth.

She went to a secondary modern school and left with no qualifications.

“I was a bit of a wild child between 10 and 12… classic young attention seeking behaviour. There was a gang of us kids, we used to get up to all things… general trouble making stuff… unfortunately when the police came I was the slowest runner.

“I always got caught… I was sent to a brilliant psychologist who sorted me out.”

Penny has put her hand to all sorts of work in her life including working in the family business, publishing during the Wapping riots, computer training and career advice and guidance.

Penny currently works with the Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust and is a volunteer at the Disability Information and Advice Line in Great Yarmouth.

“Getting old is not too bad, once you accept the fact that you’ll probably never bungee jump or sky dive, it has some very distinct advantages… you have far greater freedoms to say and do what you wish.”


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