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I didn’t do much until I was 40. I was just a normal housewife… and then I went berserk! You can’t believe it sometimes when you think about it… I’m a recycled teenager!

Connie 2013

Age 85, born in Norwich in 1927, Connie is one of five children. Her parents were landlords of The New Inn in Nelson Street (now The Fat Cat).

As a child she lived with her grandma near Blyth Jex School until they were bombed out in 1942.

When she was 15 Connie went to live with her mother at the New Star Inn on Quayside. Like many women of her generation she stayed at home and brought up the kids. When the soldiers came back from the war they wanted their jobs back, so there were very few opportunities for women to work or train for skilled jobs.

Connie survived doing two or three jobs at a time. She has delivered leaflets, worked the land, driven a taxi, driven a tractor, worked in a chocolate factory, and been a bookie’s runner. Connie has three children.

At 40 she danced nearly every dance. At 50 she skied nearly every slope. At 60 after her husband died, she started fencing.

She has won over 100 medals and has fenced Russell Howard on the telly. She is the first woman Freeman of the City of Norwich. She carried the Olympic torch in 2012.

She is invited regularly to gives talks to both young and old about keeping active.


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