Eshetu for blogWhether there is Hell or not it is better to do well to others in this life. If you do your best you can do no more and so you will be at peace with yourself and your surroundings. 

Eshetu 2013

Age 69, born in Ethiopia in 1944.

Eshetu’s mother was a housewife and his father was a policeman.

“I learnt gardening from my father.”

They didn’t have much money, and kept cows for milk and goats for milk and meat; they were self-sufficient.

His father believed in education “He tried to keep me in school, because when we were young we used to say ‘yes we are going to school’, but then we were not going to school, we were playing in the street. So he followed and checked, and put me back. That was good, I appreciate it now”.

Among his many achievements Eshetu has attained a Diploma in Agriculture, BSc degree in Plant sciences, MSc degree in Crop Protection, and PhD in Phytobacteriology.

He has worked at the Ministry of Community Development and Social Affairs in Ethiopia and been an Agronomist and Acting manager of a commercial farm.

He is now the leader and Projects Coordinator for the Norfolk African Community Association (NACA), running training programmes in horticultural skills at the Bluebell South Allotments in Norwich.

Eshetu has been married for over 40 years and has five sons and a daughter.

Studying in England for his PhD kept him apart from his wife and children, who were trapped in war-troubled Ethiopia. Despite attempts to return he was unable to get back home. Eshetu, his wife and two sons were reunited here in the UK after 18 years apart.

Their four other children are still in Ethiopia.


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