Frank for blogIf I think I look smart, I feel better.

Frank 2013


Age 76 , born in London in 1937.

When I asked Frank if his blazer was from his old school he replied, with a twinkle in his eye, “Yes, St Trinian’s”.

Born in Charing Cross Hospital, Frank was evacuated to Wiltshire during the war. After school he was an office boy and Air Cadet.

At 17 he wanted to join the RAF, but they wouldn’t have him because of his “wonky left eye”.

He spent thirty years as a ‘Gunner’ in the Royal Artillery and later a Radio Operator.

“I go to church once a year on November 11th. Remembrance Day”.

Frank was married to the love of his life for 44 years, “apart from Betty Grable, who refused to marry me”.

They had two children. His wife died in January 2013.

Frank has two other great loves in his life apart from his wife.

New Orleans jazz – “Mardi Gras is the best” – and Arsenal.

His grandmother lived opposite the Arsenal football ground which was “extremely useful”.


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