Norman for blogThey were all mortar boards, and gowns, and mostly not great teachers, we used to see how much ink we could flick on their gowns as they walked past.

Norman 2013

Age 90, born 1923, Norman is a proud Welshman.

He is the son of a railway clerk and was a keen amateur footballer. In the early 1930s Norman moved to Rhyl, aged seven.

It was a modern town with a big railway station. Goods for the area would come in by rail.

“There was a man from the railway who spent his whole day continually taking supplies from the station to M&S by horse and cart… the roads were full of horse muck, and now they put nappies on the horses at Great Yarmouth sea front!”

Norman went to grammar school but was not interested in academic achievement like his father. He is inquisitive and full of energy.

“I just wanted to go out and explore, work and make money. I’ve had so many jobs, but never got the sack. People from my generation had the best times for working people. There was plenty of work and wages were good.”

Norman also recalled his time in the Home Guard,

“It was just like ‘Dads’ Army’ and I was just like the young lad Pike, although I hopefully wasn’t as daft.

“I would like to live to be very, very old. Subject to reasonable health of course!”


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