Patricia for blogI do Body Pump and Spinning and my boss wants me to tell you about my theory of tying children to lamp posts.

Patricia 2013

Age 69, born in 1944.

Patricia is up-front, vivacious full of youthful energy and has a passion for young adults and their troublesome issues.

She advocates ‘mindfulness’.

She has worked in cosmetics, fashion and ran a pharmacy and café in the Outback, in Australia – with a new baby in tow, still wearing a mini skirt and false lashes.

She is now manager of The Futon Shop, in Norwich.

Her boyfriend of twenty years, has dementia.

“He was an old rocker, an engineer, a psychologist and hilarious. He is still hilarious and makes me laugh a lot. He is the dearest, kindest, funniest person and when I ask him if he is happy he says, ‘everything is just nice’.

“I am grateful for what I have I say to myself, whatever will happen in life will happen. I trust good things will happen and I just leave it to God or whoever.

“I sleep really well and just say dear God you just do what you think is right.”


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