Rosamund for blog

I never really got over the Headmistress saying in front of the whole school ‘ROSAMUND INGLIS… whenever I look at you, I think of that Stephen Spender poem… Like rootless weeds, the hair torn around their pallor’.

I was absolutely mortified.

Rosamund 2013

Age 69, born in 1944, there is something very youthful about Rosamund and one can easily imagine her as a young girl.

Her father was naval officer so Rosamund was sent to naval boarding school, which was 200 miles from home. From there she went to art school and then did Voluntary Service Overseas.

In the early 1970s Rosamund got a dream job at the BBC, who had marked her down as ‘a girl worth looking out for’.

“I was very, very lucky… I wanted to be a set designer at the BBC… it was fun and gassy, it was such a buzzy place in the early ’70s. BBC training was second to none. All senior designers were war heroes or had been in the Camouflage Corps.”

Rosamund was married and has two children. Her daughter has survived a long battle with a drugs habit and consequently Rosamund has raised her first granddaughter for the last ten years.

She now has two grandchildren.

She has worked as an interior designer since leaving the BBC.


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